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SEO Consulting is not for Everyone….

POSTED: April 29th, 2010 | 1 Comment » 1165439_seo_2

Many companies and business owners start implementing SEO strategies and optimizing their websites themselves. Since the actual SEO work is so expensive i can definitely understand why some people choose the do-it-yourself method.

However 95% of the do-it-yourself websites fail miserably, some draw penalties and some get banned.

Why is the do-it-yourself SEO method a failure?

  1. misinformation - online information about SEO most of the time is confusing and is not a good resource to learn SEO
  2. lack of SEO experience – an individual having no experience with SEO cannot implement or take the best decisions in terms of SEO
  3. no resources – an SEO company has resources and a whole team to help in every area of expertize. Remember SEO is a complex field an there are specialized individuals hired to handle only small parts of SEO!
  4. lack of guidance – by not even hiring an SEO consultant you can say you are setting yourself up for failure. An SEO consultant will give you guidance and will help you plan your SEO campaign. You might not be able to implement some of these methods by yourself and you may need to hire an SEO company but at least you’ll have an idea and a documented plan with what you need to do in order to succeed.
  5. lack of control – after the damage has been done, your website got penalized or even worst banned, you cannot find it any where in the serps, its very hard to reverse the damage. In most of the cases an SEO consultant and an SEO company will charge you a lot more to fix the issues you have created by optimizing a website yourself.

What you can do if SEO Companies are too expensive?

I agree SEO is not cheap!!! That’s why i recommend hiring an SEO consultant first. By hiring an SEO Consultant you will get reports with the strategies you need to implement, guidance on how they need to be implemented and answers to your questions. SEO Consulting is way cheaper and it will provide all the inside tips you need to know and you need to request from your SEO company. An SEO consultant will also estimate the amount of work needed, making sure that you wont get ripped off by expensive and promising SEO companies. You will be able to pick the best SEO company and package you need.

Not only small business owners need SEO consultants but even larger corporations or medium businesses can benefit of SEO. As a medium business or corporate, with an already established team of designers, developers, programmers, SEOs and marketing managers you will get the most out SEO consulting. You can get your team trained and you can get valuable SEO solutions that will double or triple your revenues.

You still think that paying for SEO is not worth the money?

Oh well…then go ahead and optimize your website yourself and cross your fingers.

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