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Get the word out for your new business

POSTED: February 3rd, 2011 | No Comments » 136410_reading_newspaper

If you are a business owner in San Diego, just opened your new business and don’t know how to get the word out so that your old and new customers find out about your new services and location. Here is how you can successfully create local brand awareness for your business and have customers find you fast and easy.

So you finally opened your doors for more business. I’m sure you already let your old customers know about the new business or you are working on getting new ones. You do not have a website tho, and you budget is tight and you wont be able to get one within the next six months.

Have you heard about Press & Media Releases? Since you do not own a website you can write a news release about your new business and target the GEO located audience, so that customers in your city or nearby areas find you. It only takes 1 day to see and measure great SEO results from this type of strategy.

San Diego Business Case Study

Google Results For Restaurant Opened in Carmel Valley

Hypothetically lets say you are a chef and opened your own restaurant in Carmell Valley, a city close by San Diego downtown. Did not have budget for a website yet but you would want new customers in the area to find out about your new business. Launching a press release will be fast, inexpensive and effective for a short time period and it will serve the purpose. But remember that a press release will only last for 28 days and you wont be able to launch a new one unless you have something newsworthy.

Why you want to launch a Press Release as a new business owner?

If you do not have a website:

  • letting customers know your new location
  • targeting new possible customers that might wanna stop by and check out the new place
  • announce an incentive like: a coupon, a promotion, a contest
  • you get immediate exposure and start ranking right away

If you already have a website:

  • natural back links will add up to the value of your website
  • new content development which attracts more links
  • higher rankings for GEO located keywords

Press Releases Steps for New Business Owners

1. write your press release about your new opened business:

Tips on how to write your first press release

  • write unique copy
  • use press release writing guidelines
  • include your business location
  • include the services you offer
  • include a coupon or a promotion

2. do keyword research to find out niche related keywords and include them in your copy

Tips on how to find keywords for your business

  • Google relevant keywords for your business with a Geo located qualifier
  • look at your competitors ranking at the top for these keywords
  • use Google Keyword Tool for more keywords

3. get an account on PRWEB.com

Tips for getting an account on PRWEB.com

  • see which pricing plans fits in your budget – PRWEB’s Pricing Plans
  • get the Advanced plan – you will get your moneys worth out of this plan for sure

4. submit your press release

Tips on submitting your press release

  • make sure you include your city and state Geo location
  • make sure to complete all fields and get your press release 100% complete on PRWEB’s account
  • make sure to fill in your website (if any)
  • make sure to fill in your contact information
  • pick categories that are related to your business
  • submit your press release and make any editorial changes to it if you need to (staff at PRWEB will send you an email about it if needed)

Want to know more about launching a press release?

Call Hilda Mateiu at (209) SEO -7322 and/or get in touch with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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