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Setting up a Google Places Page for a San Diego Based Business

POSTED: May 20th, 2011 | No Comments » 1415244_eccommerce_concept_1

Claiming your Google Places account is free and it does give you a strong advantage over competitors even if you don’t own a website. Optimization for a local places account is essential for its rankings and placement.

Now if you are a business located in San Diego and want to get significant online exposure and get more business you will inevitably need a Google Places account.

20 Easy Steps To Create a Google Places Listing

    1. You must have a valid Gmail account
    2. Sign-up for Google Places
    3. Add a new business listing

TIP: Top right there is a link  “Add another business” click on that and follow the next steps.

    1. You must have a valid phone number

STEP 1: You will start by selecting a country and a phone number and Google will match these with any existing listings
Google Places Setup Step 1

    1. Choose a Country form the dropdown
    2. Company/Organization: add keywords along with your business name

TIP: Lots of the most successful local listings have “{business_name} + {keywords}” as part of their business name

    1. You must have a San Diego based physical address for your business

TIP: The physical location of your business determines your ranking in Google local. The closer you are to the city you are optimizing for the better.

    1. Phone number should already be filled out automatically by Google

TIP: Local area phone number tend  to do better and help the listings rankings as they are more user friendly, plus Google will detect the area code and use it as a local ranking factor. You may also add additional phone numbers.

    1. Fill out an email address

TIP: Having a customized email address including the domain name (ex: info@domain.com) will show Google that you are an authority and are actively monitoring your website and email.

    1. Add your website

TIP: Adding a website helps your listing and Google will feature your website in the results, which is a big plus in getting users to know your brand locally.

    1. Add a description

TIP: Make sure to write your description based around the services or products you offer. Use relevant keywords within the description.

    1. Make sure to select the category most relevant to your business

TIP: Try using the suggested options that appear when you type in a category. Also look at your competitors and see what categories they used. I would advise adding up to 5 categories.
Google Places Account Basic Information

    1. Areas you serve in and location settings

TIP: You have two options here: all customers will come at your location or you serve customers at different locations. Option two will select your area range based on your location, or simply type out the cities you are servicing in and add them one by one.
Google Places Service Areas and Location

    1. Fill out your hours of operation

TIP: You can also setup one or more sets of hours for a single day
Google Places Hours of Operation

    1. Choose payment options for your customers

TIP: Make sure you choose the payment options, the most important factor for most conversions coming through a Google local listing.
Google Places Payment Options

    1. Add photos

TIP: I recommend adding up to 10 photos of your business/store or products. Images get crawled and included in the image searches as well and help with ranking.
Google Places Add Photos

    1. Add videos

TIP: You need to go to YouTube and signup there first. Then upload your videos and provide the urls that YouTube will host your videos on. Up to 5 videos may be uploaded for a Google Listing.
Google Places Add Videos

    1. Additional details

TIP: Add as many useful additional details as you can think of. Be careful don’t spam or don’t over stuff with keywords. Add relevant and important information about your business.
Google Places Additional Details

    1. Submit

TIP: Finally submit your listing. If your listing has errors Google will notify you of them and mark them with red. Make sure you fix them and then resubmit.

  1. Confirm your listing through receiving a PIN number through an automated phone call from Google, or through a postcard

Need more help with your Google Places Listing?

I can definitely help setting up a Google Places Listing for your business and further optimize and help with driving more customers back to your business. I am a San Diego based SEO consultant and I would love to hear more from your business. Contact me at: (209) SEO -7322 or via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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