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Hiring an SEO Consultant/Company in San Diego County

POSTED: July 13th, 2010 | No Comments » 1287372_seo_3

What should San Diegans be aware of before they hire a San Diego SEO consultant or company? There are a lot of amateur SEOs and a lot of starting companies in the greater San Diego area. If you own a business based in San Diego you might want to consider expanding your online exposure by optimizing your current website or creating an online brand for your niche. Below are a couple of tips for you to use before choosing the right SEO company or consultant.

What you should know before hiring an SEO consultant!

Hiring an SEO consultant can help you take your online business to the next level, increase your profits and help you get more exposure in your industry. An SEO company on the other hand can help you recreate your website and increase your online marketing visibility for search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many others.
Before hiring an SEO consultant or company in San Diego make sure they understand the following:

  • marketing strategies related to your niche
  • GEO location you might want to focus on
  • researching keywords related to your niche
  • technical related issues going on with your website
  • hosting requirements
  • programming issues and solutions
  • copyright requirements and best practices

San Diego’s SEO Scams and Fake Companies to Watch Out For!

Watch out for SEO consultants or companies that:

  • contact you out of nowhere through email or by phone: A lot of companies overseas and a lot of unknown SEO companies will use these strategies to present to you amazing deals that you will end up getting ripped off for
  • sales pitches that promise you a lot: Stick to “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”
  • companies or consultants that promise you #1 rankings: no one can guarantee #1 rankings but Google, a consultant may guarantee rankings for top #10 placements or for top #5 placement for a limited number of keywords and a limited time
  • will not explain the strategies needed for optimization: Usually the person on the other line doesn’t know these strategies, or they don’t want you to know the strategies used because they are bad practice for SEO.
    EXCEPTION: However at a higher level when a customer is very knowledgeable with SEO strategies and marketing plans, the SEO consultant or company will not give out his most valuable information in a free review or over the phone. You will need to pay for an SEO consultation in order to get these types of insights. But remember we are very specific to high level strategies in this case.
  • promise you thousands of links within a short period of time: Usually these companies or consultants engage in link farms, link wheels or other shady linking strategies that will only end up in harming your website.
  • offer extremely cheap pricing: Make sure to consult with at least 5 or more companies or consultants before you pick the right SEO company, and remember “CHEAP is not always GOOD”

Now Hire a San Diego based SEO Consultant!

My name is Hilda Mateiu and I can help businesses or individuals looking to either create an online presence or expand an existing one. I am based in San Diego County and I offer free webiste reviews to San Diego based businesses as well. As for everyone else i offer phone consulting and free quotes. Contact me by phone at (209) SEO -7322 or by email at hildamateiu@gmail.com

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