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How do you know if you need a Website Redesign?

POSTED: December 10th, 2010 | No Comments » 1010995_web_site_icons

Do you get calls and/or emails everyday from SEO and WEB companies selling internet marketing services and web development? You are probably told that you need to re-design your website for several different reasons.
If you live in San Diego and own a business you probably do get a lot of these types of calls and contacts.
Read my checklist below and see if you indeed need to re-design your website in order to improve your SEO and online presence.

  1. Check placement for targeted keywords – gather data from Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, keyword lists, past rank reports
  2. Check your number of backlinks – use Yahoo Site Explorer, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer
  3. Do an In-depth analysis in your Google Analitics account: check for your conversion rate, check for unique visitors, look at your bounce rate, see the top visited content and pages
  4. Check for Flash files – if your site is built in Flash then you do need a redesign or you need to consult with an SEO consultant to implement different strategies in order to rank
  5. Check for Javascript code – your site is using too much javascript code, your menu items include javascript, you include scripts and functions within your pages instead of having these in an external file
  6. Check for <table> tags in your code – sites built with so called “tables” are usually old and are considerably slower then sites built with “divs” or <div> tags, and now that Google is considering page speed as an important factor you do need to consider improving your loading time on your site
  7. Check for outdated information – if your site has old blogs, old articles, old information then it definitely needs an update
  8. Check your CMS – if you do not have a CMS yet then you should definitely opt for a redesign and start using a CMS with your website – a CMS (Content Management System) will help you add new pages, update your information, delete old information, see stats, add images / links / videos, ensure you do have META information for your pages, without extensive HTML and development knowledge
  9. Check for a blog – if you do not have a blog, articles or news section then you do need to add one – up to date and fresh information added weekly to your site will help search engines’ robots to crawl and re-crawl your website constantly
  10. Check for 404 error pages and broken links – if you do have a lot of broken links then a new SEO re-design will help fixing them, and search engines will start seeing positive changes
  11. Look at your conversions – if your conversion rate is lower than 5%, or you are getting no contacts through your website, then that’s definitely a sign that you might need an SEO re-design to help getting your website indexed and ranked
  12. Check for navigation – navigation menus are important for your ranking and placement, if you do not have navigational menus i strongly suggest to include them in along with a re-design
  13. Check for Cross Browser issues – check and see how your site looks like in Internet Explorer(multiple versions), Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape
  14. Check your competitors websites – if your competitors have better designed websites, you can easily find information and have calls to action buttons, then you do need to re-design and consider SEO packages in order to outrank them

Now if you need more SEO help with your redesign…

Call Hilda Mateiu at (209) SEO -7322 or Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. She is based in San Diego and offers SEO consulting services to businesses in San Diego County and vicinities.

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