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How to increase conversions for PPC Add Campaigns for San Diego

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San Diego Local BusinessesAre you a San Diego based business looking to expand your services online?
Before investing in organic search engine optimization packages try and build up a pay per click campaign. A local Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign will show you how much traffic and lead generation there is in your market. However do invest in redesigning and recoding your website if its older, it helps with your conversions.

Pick San Diego related keywords

Here are some useful automated tool to help with your search:
Google keyword tool – shows local monthly searches, competitive level, trends and estimated average cost per click
keyword tool – generate local adwords keywords
ScrapeBox – does a very good job at suggesting your keywords and finding keywords you might have overlooked
Wordstream – free keyword tool, sorting keyword based on traffic

Create a San Diego Focused Ad and Landing Page

San Diego Local AddCreate a unique add for each city in San Diego County, or the nearby cities that you want to be found in. Having landing pages targeting the city the user is in will help increase conversion rate and your business will be recognized as local.
Personalize your adds as much as possible, add city name or region, add one of the services you offer, add a discounted service, add a local phone number.
Landing page must describe the specific service you offered, add a quick contact form on your landing page. Create a landing page for each of your location and list location and address in the page,

Tip 1: DO NOT create landing pages that will make the user enter a zip code. In order to succeed u need to make the landing pages as personalized as possible for the keyword they are targeting.

Tip 2: DO NOT SPAM! Don’t create adds for cities you are not located close enough. This will only make users click on your add, hence Google will take your money, your bounce rate will increase and the user will end up leaving dissatisfied, hence no conversion will happen.

Tip 3: Create video landing pages. Present your product or service in your video. Increases bounce rate and conversions.

Test your Adds Again and Again!

You can test your adds for same keywords or the same keyword group and see which ones do better. Keep the ones that improve conversions and keep changing and testing with the other ones. Try different keywords combination, different keywords and retest again.
what to test in your adds: keywords, location, calls to action, phone number, service
What to test on you landing pages: button colors, button verbiage, message, headings, images, video, long vs short copy, award logos, trust logos-eTrust, offers, pricing, video vs image, navigation, form length

Run Local PPC Campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing

Google is the leading search engine where you must place your adds.
Yahoo and Bing can also be useful and much cheaper with a higher conversion rate for small, local niches.

Need Help With a PPC Campaign?

San Diego SEO consulting services are offered for Pay Per Click Management, with PPC comprehensive report and plan included that will help you get started on your campaign.

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