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Pricing a basic seo campaign

POSTED: June 3rd, 2010 | No Comments » 1260919_crisis

Hands on SEO experience will help you price your campaigns better and will also help you determine your value as an SEO.
Are you wondering why many other SEO companies are not posting prices on their websites? Well the answer is simple: each website needs a custom quote. Depending on your niche, competition, keyword difficulty, website, design and many other variables, an SEO consultant will need to evaluate your website and research your industry before giving you an accurate quote.

See the steps i follow when creating quotes for clients:

Step 1: SEO Consultation

An initial SEO consultation before everything else is important and will help the client understand all the steps involved and all the strategies needed in order to achieve rankings.
I offer a variety of SEO Consulting services and plans; please remember that this is only a consultation and the work will not get started yet.

What will a basic SEO consultation cover?

An SEO consultation will range from 15 minutes to 2 hours of consulting over the phone or in-person meet-up if you are a local San Diego based company. It also includes 5 to 10 hours of research and background work that needs to be completed so I can give the most accurate quote for my clients. Along with all my SEO consultations i provide multiple analysis reports covering the following basic elements:

  • Design Analysis & Recommendations (how the design is currently affecting your site and conversions, if the design is using SEO friendly elements, suggestions on what changes will need to be implemented)
  • Keyword Research & Recommendations (what are the most researched keywords in your market, the competitive level of the keywords, keyword density and proximity, keyword usage throughout the site)
  • Search Engine Friendliness and Guidelines (how your website is performing in the major search engines, URL analysis, structure compliant, code issues, sitemap analysis)
  • on-page optimization analysis (how keywords are used, if all elements needed are present, recommendations on how the pages need to be layed out and how to create the content)
  • link building report (analysis of internal linking structures, link acquisition suggestions, linking strategies that need to be implemented)
  • competitive report (focus on your top competitors and laying out their strategies and what they implemented in order to achieve top rankings)

Price Breakdown for SEO Consulting:

  • 50% of the payment before the consultation (this covers the research needed)
  • up to 1-2 hours of in person
  • 50% at the end of the session (this will cover the entire consultation process)

Step 2: SEO Services & Work

An SEO campaign will usually last from 3 months to one year depending on the website and needed achievements specified in a contracted agreement. Price also ranges from 10k to 50k per website.

What will a basic SEO service cover?

This is when the actual work starts and here are a few basic elements included:

  • Design/Redesign of the website (includes focus on conversions and search engine friendly structure)
  • Back-end Build/Rebuilt (the back-end code, also known as development needs to follow certain guidelines accepted by search engines, in order to ensure top placement achievements)
  • CMS Implementation (depending on how large the website is a custom SEO friendly CMS always comes in handy and helps you better organize your site and structure)
  • Content transfer and New Content Addition (content pages, on page optimization, new content additions and keyword usage throughout content)
  • SEO Basic Setups (basic SEO related setups for further monitoring and analysis of your website)
  • Link Building campaigns (strategize and implement link building campaigns to help the site in getting in-bound links with relevant keywords and relevant traffic referral)
  • Reporting (monthly reports and maintenance are needed for improvement and performance analysis)

Price Breakdown for SEO Services:

  • 5k in advance upon contract signing
  • 30% after launching your site
  • the remaining balance broken down on a monthly basis
    (i also offer monthly payments for my clients, it seems to be working out for them)

What else should a client purchasing an SEO campaign know?

In order to make it affordable for clients i usually spread the costs on a per monthly basis case even though most of the work is done upfront.
I know that many SEO companies are keeping all these numbers a secret, but i’m not sure why?
Yes this is what i really charge and I am currently booked and have a hands full of projects. I’ll be taking over more projects within the next months.

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