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PUBCON good or not?

POSTED: June 17th, 2010 | No Comments » pubcon

All you need to know about my personal experience and learning level from past PUBCON conferences can be read here.

What is PUBCON?

PUBCON is a yearly SEO conference and expo. The biggest ones are usually held in Las Vegas, and the most well known SEO speakers are registered and attending lots of sessions.
PUBCON covers all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, so either way you will learn more than you expect. The SEO sessions and workshops held there cover all areas of SEO and the speakers uncover new ideas and strategies every year.

What have i learned from PUBCON so far?

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

  • new features added
  • upcoming features
  • latest changes in the algorithm
  • Most important: page speed is now an important factor taking an important role in rankings, make sure to lower your page loading time and Google will credit your site in the SERPS!

Jim Boykin

Jim  Boykin

  • great SEO tools
  • link building and link popularity
  • Most important: the risks of buying links, penalty types and issues generated by such practices and how do brands and competitive niches get away with such practices

Brian Massey

Brian Massey

  • evaluate your click conversions
  • maximizing conversion rate
  • prioritizing calls to action
  • choosing your categories
  • Most important: an open minded speaker, an expert in click and conversion performance, learned the best testing methods used for a PPC campaign

AAron Wall

AAron  Wall

  • spamming techniques
  • site authority buildup
  • site structure
  • Most important: never give out valuable information to people that you don’t know, keep the most valuable things about SEO to yourself and only share with the ones that either pay either have something in exchange.

Advantages of attending a PUBCON conference!

Here are some of the advantages for going to a PUBCON conference:

  • Specific Area Focused Sessions – each session covers only part of an area in regards to SEO, speakers are very specific on talking and answering questions related to the area chosen…you will be able to pick and choose the areas you are mostly interested in and only attend those sessions
  • Well Known SEO Speakers – you get to hear them speak, meet them and ask them questions right on the spot or after the sessions. After passing a certain level with SEO you will only be able to get good informative answers from the speakers there.
  • Build Connections – you will meet a lot of new people, a lot of speakers as well and its important to build your network or meet the people behind your competition
  • Grow your SEO Value – by learning something new from every session you will build up your SEO value pretty fast

Disadvantages of attending a PUBCON conference!

Here are some of the disadvantages for PUBCON SEO conferences:

  • High Prices – yes i agree PUBCON tickets are expensive, and on top of that add a week in Vegas, lots of drinks, gambling and fun…all these are expensive, but what the heck its once a year :)
  • Cranky Speakers – yes its true sometimes you meet the speakers but you don’t get your questions answered, i had that happen, but what can you do i guess speakers have their bad days too
  • Not Learning a Lot – if you attend the beginner level sessions and your level is advanced then u might end up not getting a lot by attending PUBCON that why its important to evaluate yourself before hand and choose the sessions that you lack knowledge in
  • Missing/Skipping Sessions – you need to look at the speakers and topics described in the agenda and choose your sessions accordingly, you might end-up missing or skipping the important ones if you don’t have a plan
  • Getting a Hangover – after a week or more in Vegas with PUBCON and sleepless nights going on you might get a really bad hangover, oh well it comes with the goods right?

Going to PUBCON? Tell me your thoughts!

I am looking forward to find people that have attended previous PUBCONS and drop me a comment with their thoughts on these SEO conferences and their experiences and learning level.
For all of you that have not attended an SEO conference yet please feel free to ask me any questions and ill do my best to answer each :)

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