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SEO Strategies for WordPress Blogs

POSTED: December 9th, 2010 | No Comments » 1383208_3d_text_1

More than 90% of San Diego business owners have a website or a minimal online presence. A total of 70% of them do own at least one blog. Find more on how to effectively optimize your blog and drive more traffic and customers back to your business!


How many of you own a WordPress blog?

  • Worldwide 106 million blogs are up and running
  • 60%-75% of online users read a blog (some are not even aware they are reading a blog)
  • a website that has a blog shows increased traffic by 55%

The query “San Diego blog” returned 79,900,000 results, so I’m assuming many of you need help with optimizing¬† your blogs so it starts coming up in searches and start getting traffic. If you need help with SEO and blog optimization make sure to use one of my SEO consulting services, locally based in San Diego County.

Essential optimization Tips for WordPress blogs

  • use only 1-2 categories per post
  • re-use tags already established (do not use variations of tags – keep tags exactly the same)
  • categories & tags – block with robots.txt the OR add unique content to these pages – do not leave these pages to become duplicate content in Googles index
  • allow posts to be indexed
  • turn off pagination option – you want to show all comments in the same page as the post, otherwise wordpress will create duplicate content issues
  • published dates matter – the older your post is the more google will favor it
  • URL structure – use 3-5 keywords in your url, do customize the URL for every post (example: www.example.com/my-keywords-go-here/)
  • list of comments – the older your post gets the more comments you will have, make sure to respond to your comments as well
  • link keywords & relevant phrases in your content posts
  • link your categories & tags
  • display relevant topics with each post
  • install Breadcrumbs links, helps with internal linking
  • XML Sitemap – add the sitemap in your robots and GWMT
  • Organized Permalinks – make sure to re-visit your posts and make adjustments to your permalinks and url structure (recommended permalink structure: /%postname%.php)
  • Canonical Tags – setup your preferred canonical domain

Best wordpress tools and plugins

  • Date Exclusion SEO Plugin – encourages search engine crawls and re-crawls by turning off the date display after a certain amount of days or instantly after posting
  • Thesis Date Hooks & Theme – has all the needed SEO functionality built in
  • Edit Core Theme Files – the good old wordpress codex files
  • SEO Smart Links – searches for keywords and links back based on the terms included in your existent content
  • All in One SEO plugin – meta titles, descriptions and keywords can be customized using this plugin
  • Google XML Sitemap Plugin – by using this plugin will help search engines find all your pages on your blog
  • Headspace – configure meta data for all your pages on your blog, including: author pages, homepage, search pages, categories, 404s, pages and posts
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – shows a list of relevant and related posts on your posts
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs – adds breadcrumbs links to your wordpress theme
  • GoCodes – plugin helps with Affiliate Advertising urls and creates short user friendly urls
  • Redirection – manages redirects 301s, finds your 404s, helps a lot when you redesign and restructure your old site to a new one
  • W3 Total Cache – performance optimization improving server performance, caching files, reducing download time and provides a transparent CDN integration
  • WP Super Cache – diagnosing caching problems within your blog
  • WP Tuner – used for compression and caching

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