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What questions you should ask your SEO consultant?

POSTED: July 14th, 2010 | No Comments » 1124847_person_question

Top 10 questions a business owner, or hiring manager or company needs to ask an SEO consultant. Useful tips is included with each question.

1. What is your Job/Project History Related to SEO?

Tip: All good SEO consultants are working already with big brand names or are working directly for companies or corporations. I strongly advise business owners in San Diego to check the work related history ans SEO consultant presents before actually starting working with the person. There are a lot of so called “SEOs” out there but a lot of them are not able to do the job. Make sure you do your homework as a business owner and avoid getting ripped off or paying to much.

2. What did you major in and what is your education level?

Tip: An SEO consultant level of education is an important part. The best degrees to have are computer science related ones or business or marketing. But again to judge the level of an SEO you will need to look at achievements and rankings. Education level is a plus and shows how much of a technical background the person actually has.

3. What are your achievements in regards to rankings?

Tip: As a business owner this is a must know topic. The SEO consultant needs to be able to show you rankings and explain the competitiveness level of the keywords achieved. Ask for several examples and several sites as well. If the SEO consultant cannot show you more than 5 different sites and examples or explain the methods used or give you more in-depth information about the competition then you shouldn’t hire or trust such individuals.

4. What guarantees can you make?

Tip: The SEO consultant needs to be able to guarantee or at least estimate the rankings for a certain site. I know a lot of companies wont do that because it involves a certain risk and a lot of the times depends on the competition as well, but still in any case scenario some guarantees and estimates can be made and included in the contract. Individuals that sign SEO contracts and the contract is confusing and doesn’t clearly state what its  being offered they have high chances of getting ripped off.

5. Do you offer SEO training sessions?

Tip: SEO consultants need to be able to offer training sessions for either the client either the web team working for a company. Companies or business owners in San Diego need to be trained so that they understand the strategies implemented and the process.

6. What is your niche related expertize?

Tip: Has the SEO consultant worked with your industry previously. Industry and niche focus for SEO consultants is very important. The best SEO consultant are only working with specific niches and industries, that way they stay focused and have the best results for those specific ones.

7. How long have you been doing SEO?

Tip: This is when history and experience matters. The longer you worked int the SEO business the more results you have and the higher your ranking achievements should be. Make sure to ask your SEO consultant about the level and years of experience.

8. Do you have experience with GEO targeted websites?

Tip: GEO targets are like niche related industries. If the SEO consultant has achievements within the same GEO targeted area where you, as a business owner, want to develop your online business, the better. This is an extra point and it helps a lot because the SEO consultant already knows what he/she needs to do in order to get your rankings.

9. What is the SEO level you can grow my website/websites to?

Tip: An SEO consultant must be able to explain and plan out the strategies involved for a longer period of time. Do not sign contracts or deals for shorter periods than 1 year. You might get ripped off and only get results for the couple of months you paid for. This can actually do more damage to your online presence than you might think. The higher the level of rankings the better for the website and the longer it will take to achieve the results wanted.

10. Can you provide references and/or contacts that you worked with?

Tip: Ask the SEO consultant you are interviewing for references. Usually local references are the best and will give owners a good idea who that person is and will say a lot about his work ethics and experience.

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