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Why are good SEO consultants expensive?

POSTED: May 17th, 2010 | No Comments » 1133804_sign_success_and_failure

Usually, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR“, that’s considered valid in the SEO industry as well. The best SEO consultants in the industry wont settle for cheaper prices because they know and understand their value, plus they have many other clients that already pay the same prices. Trust me many of the owners that do pay the big bucks for their SEO, do get the most out of it too. Businesses usually double or triple their revenue by using a good SEO consultant.

History of Achieved SEO Results

Many well known SEO consultants have large lists of websites that they achieve incredible rankings for. They already work with large corporations and well established businesses that you might know in the area.
I get so many inquiries from overseas SEO companies every day, with cheap prices and incredible deals…but as soon as i reply asking for a report of achieved results, i hear nothing back from them.

Long Term Guaranteed Rankings

Helping you and your business becoming an online authority and having long term ranking results it’s all that matters in the end. An experienced SEO consultant will not only achieve long term results but will also guarantee the results for a certain period of time, based on your competition.
Many companies that don’t want to pay a good SEO consultant will end-up paying more in the end and will end-up with lower rankings.

Using the Best Optimization Methods

Optimization methods and strategies vary a lot throughout consultants and SEO companies. Based on the optimization strategies you implement, your website will rank for a longer or shorter period of time. Experienced SEO consultants will provide you the strategies you need to implement in order to become a leading authority in your industry.
The experience level and the strategical approach matters a lot, and implementing some of the SEO strategies known by only a few SEO consultants will help you beat your competition and get in the top of Googles’ results page.
Sadly I have seen so many SEOs screwing up so many websites that later on I had to fix, that i need to strongly advise business owners not to be cheap about SEO, because they might end-up in the same boat.

Qualified Working Staff

Most SEO Consultants have an already trained SEO team or employees they work with. As a business owner you will end-up spending a lot of time and money in order to build the SEO team needed, plus you will still end-up needing to hire the SEO consultant for training and coaching the team. High costs are involved in this process for the consultant as well, these costs need to be reflected in the consulting prices as well.

SEO Quality vs SEO Quantity

Think about it, its just like buying a product from a store: if you want more quality then the product is more expensive, if you want less quality then your product will be cheaper priced. It works the same in the SEO industry as well, best SEO services and consultants are higher priced with a reason.
Anyone can easily identify the quality websites well built websites form the cheaper priced ones, and so can Google identify the quality SEO versus the non-quality one. Who do you think Google and search engines will favor?

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