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Why Pay? Go ORGANIC with your SEO!

POSTED: April 21st, 2011 | No Comments » 1003605_dollar

Many businesses throughout San Diego, are very active with paid advertising: such as Adwords, Pay-Per-Click, Ad Networks and many other forms of buying you way into Googles SERPS. We already know that paid advertising is a fast method of gaining exposure in the search engines, but the question is “how long will you continue to pay for it?”

What is ORGANIC optimization?

The meaning of organic is well known: natural element or produce which has not been chemically enhanced
Organic SEO Definition: getting found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing without actually paying for your website or add to show up. Placement is pretty much permanent, but it also depends on your competitors.

Where can ORGANIC searches be seen?

I know that most of the people still do not differentiate paid ads from organic ads in Google. Can’t blame them, they look almost exactly the same!
Organic Vs. Paid Searches

Why ORGANIC rankings are better?

There are several reasons why i like to go with organic rather than choosing the paid option that Google has:
- long term placement: organic rankings are most of the times permanent, once you achieve the desired results you can start focusing on several other keywords
- its FREE: well its free after you achieved the rankings, you still need to pay for your website and an SEO consultant.
- more clicks: statistics show that people click more on organic results than on paid advertising

- authority: you will not only work for ranking organically, but you will also build your brand, and become a recognized authority within your niche
- more conversions: statistics show that organic based conversions are higher than paid ones
Organic vs. Paid Conversions

what can you do to rank in ORGANIC searches?

There are a few strategies that you can implement along with SEO that will help you start showing up in organic searches. Pay attention to:

Website Structure

Make sure your website structure is relevant to your niche and optimized for the keyword you are trying to target. Menu items need to be carefully chosen so that they reflect you targeted keyword.

Websites Code

Stay away from all flash built websites and JavaScript code. Stay away from too many images. Plain simple HTML will do it just fine.

Add META Tags

Add unique meta tag information for every page you are planing to optimize.

Use Headlines and Subtitles

Use of the headlines and subtitles will help the robot crawling your website understand the most important keywords for the page.

Write Unique content

Make sure you write your own content, using your targeted keywords throughout the page. Don’t overuse your keywords, blend them in and make the page as useful as possible from a user perspective.

Get Links

Try and get links from trusted resources within your niche. Look for relevant links, engage into social media programs, participate in related forums and blogs. Get involved!

Want to rank ORGANICALLY in search engines?

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