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Why Search Engines Love Well Optimized Websites?

POSTED: March 30th, 2010 | No Comments » 1369150_blue_website_buttons_3

Search Engine robots will not only crawl your website faster but will also favor your rankings placement if your website meets all the Google guidelines and it is properly optimized. If you have not yet optimized your website we strongly suggest you do so since it offers a strong advantage over your competition and rankings.

What Search Engines Love to see?

These are a couple of the major elements search engine spiders like to see when they “crawl” (or “read”) your pages on your website:

  • META titles – these are also considered the page titles and are most important when it comes to on page optimization
  • META keywords – even though some search engines totally disregard the meta keywords, they are still important for your on-page optimization process and they can still help a lot with rankings
  • META description – a uniquely created description of your page will help spiders learn more about your page and associate it within the right category for further placement showing
  • Headers - also known as <h1>, <h2> etc, the headers are considered an important factor by search engines, actually one that gets most favored by looking at the content of the page
  • Content - unique content is always favored and search engines love crawling more frequently fresh added content to your website
  • Links - the inbound links that point back to your website and also the inbound relevant links that point back at your page

There are also lots of SEO tools out there that will simulate what a robot sees when they crawl your website. By analyzing your web pages an SEO consultant can easily determine what elements you need to get rid of or add in order to make search engines love your website even more.

The benefits of having an optimized website!

Companies and business owners that have by now understood the value of SEO, are now hiring SEO consultants and specialists in order to get better online exposure, more traffic and more conversions. By increasing the value of your online branding you not only get more traffic and conversions, but you make your businesses known to lots of new users and permanently improving for the returning ones as well.

Search Elements that Matter!

There are many different factors contributing to your rankings. Online marketing strategies and technical elements used in a website go hand in hand and need to follow the best practices for search engine optimization.

Elements of your website that you need to take in account:

  • design – design of your website is a very important factor for search engines, design elements carefully placed on websites, improve not only rankings but even traffic and conversions creating a more valuable and stronger website.
  • domain name – a branded domain name or a keyword related domain name will be definitely favored by search engines and rankings
  • clean code – the back-end code matters the most for search engines, the cleaner it is the faster and the better a search spider can crawl your page
  • no full flash pages – flash is not one of the favorite elements on a website, especially if the whole website or web page is made with flash

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