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SEO Audit

So you have a website that has been designed by the best in the industry and you have an SEO campaign in place. But the traffic is not picking up and sales are not what you expected. So what do you do next? Getting an SEO Audit to better understand the operational aspects and determine how effective the SEO campaigns are, can be an intelligent move.


To understand the reasons behind a not-very-effective marketing strategy used on your website, an analysis of key issues related to it such as your site's on-page, off-site, technical infrastructure and keywords will need to be performed. All aspects that affect your search engine rankings will be analyzed and key elements of your website will be reworked. Based on this analysis, a list will be drawn up to indicate what needs to be done to improve your position in the search engines and achieve top rankings. Each item in the list will include simple, step by step directions on what needs to be done and explanations for implementing the recommended SEO strategies. In general, three aspects are most addressed at all times:

  1. SEO opportunities that should have been capitalized but were not;
  2. Dissolving barriers to search engine rankings that are blocking the traffic driven to you site; and
  3. Practices that are in place that should not be or should be expanded for more SEO value.

Serious website owners who are looking for a higher benchmark in terms of performance will understand the value of SEO Audit.

Marketing Strategies:

Over and above troubleshooting, an SEO Audit will also determine the characteristics of your targeted market and will provide appropriate marketing strategies to improve conversions and sales. Special focus will be maintained on the top 2 pages of search results which represent your competition and are a key to your SEO strategies. Included will be a review of outbound and inbound links, usability, tags, meta tags and tag attributes. The entire report is geared to make your website a top performing online resource with high volumes of online traffic. As experts in the field, we know what drives traffic and we will help you achieve long term rankings with experienced SEO expertize.


Our recommendations regarding future line of action are based on our experience and track record of similar strategics. These proposals can be easily implemented at will and are critical to your present business and future growth; they need to be implemented within a specified time frame in order to achieve your targets and goals. Recommendations could be related to social media marketing, staff training, link building and many others.


A site wide SEO Audit and analysis of your website will be presented in the form of reports that serve as a blueprint to effectively optimize your website, provide insight on your competition, and recommendations on how to out rank your competition. A Monthly Tracking & Reporting format is created in an Excel spreadsheet that includes analysis of keywords, traffic, ranking, revenue, technical aspects, content review and link development.


The cost of an SEO Audit is minimal when compared to the benefits that you could gain. Once the recommendations are implemented, long term rankings and increase in traffic and leads will succeed.

How can an SEO Audit help your company?

An SEO Audit basically helps you to beat your competition and capture your share of the e-market; strategies will help you drive traffic to your website and thereby enhance revenues and increase branding exposure. Since the baseline analysis is included with an SEO Audit, it is easy to quantify the effects of the audit and its recommendations.

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