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SEO Re-design Consultations

When designing your website search engine optimization should be among your first concerns. Although images or videos can convince a user to visit your web page, search engines consider other elements when establishing the ranking of a particular site. If your online business is not working the way you would expect and your web page doesn’t generate as much traffic as it should, maybe what you need is a web redesign by a SEO specialist.

Design with SEO elements in mind

As in the U.S. almost 90% of all searches are performed with Google it is essential to design your site in a manner it brings high ranking and high listing among search results. Among the elements considered by search engines we can find text content, heading tags, navigation structure, site speed and other elements, so they should be carefully considered.

One of the first things is to choose an URL which already explains users what is your page about, so try to include a keyword. When designing the actual web page make sure to include your company’s logo and use relevant colors for the entire page. Include images but make sure to include text in them and avoid as much as possible flashes, as they might cause users to question the seriousness of your site. Google always lists search results including a Meta description of the site, so make sure you have a small but complete summary, convincing enough for users. You should also keep your site easily navigable, simple and clear and introduce a site map. You can also use links to redirect users to other subpages of your site. Give proper attention to the content of your site: it should be unique, relevant and easily accessible. On the other hand avoid duplicate content as it will be penalized by Google. Make sure to ad contact information and keep is visible, but avoid excessive advertisement and especially pop-ups. If you think you cannot meet all the criteria by yourself, you can always hire a SEO consultant.

Improve conversion rate

Conversion rate is a term that designates the percent of clients who convert their web site visit to actual requests from web masters. Having a high conversion rate is basically the main purpose of every online business. SEO specialists offer a wide range of strategies to achieve such goals. One of the most important details web masters should pay attention to is to keep their site accessible and simple for as many people as possible. In order to buy a product they shouldn’t suppose to ask for more information than necessary, as clients will certainly not enjoy wasting their time with senseless requests. Offering different payment options is also important just as well as keeping the client informed about specific details, like delivery costs or return policy. However, probably the most important detail is to offer your visitors something unique, to convince them to choose you instead of other similar companies. Such unique offers can be low prices, free delivery, products that can’t be bought from somewhere else, great customer service and so on. Improving your conversion rate can easily be done with the advice of a SEO specialist and it is probably the simplest way of increasing your sales and benefits.

Restructure your site and minimize traffic loss

From time to time web pages need to be restructured, either to change them accordingly to the business, to improve them or to optimize them for different search engines. Although the long term purpose of such actions is to increase traffic, the immediate effect is often traffic loss. In order to minimize traffic loss generated by a new domain name or other changes it is important to build up a strategy in time and to apply it as the site is being changed. Redirecting your website or recovering traffic through social bookmarking or networking can all be efficient. However as nobody can afford significant traffic loss, contacting a SEO expert in time is a wise decision.

Learn how to offer more to your users!

SEO, although it is based on logical principles is not a simple area of expertise. But web masters often believe they can build and manage their own sites without further advice. Unfortunately their lack of knowledge and experience often affects otherwise promising business. In order to avoid such situations and to learn how to offer more to your visitors, contact a SEO specialist for consultation, advice and possible re-design. 


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