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google logoSearch engines are key components of running an SEO campaign. Among the search engines in use, Google holds first place globally and it is widely accepted that e-commerce flourishes for those listed on the first page of Google. The popularity of this search engine can be judged by the fact that the word ‘Google’ has come to be used as a verb in common parlance.

Much of the success of conducting business on the Internet is attributed to the introduction of Google. It provides a platform for businesses to gain exposure, develop a brand image for the online population and facilitates surge in traffic to the website. More about Google


yahoo logoYahoo started out by providing Google search results for queries posted on its search engine. In 2002, Yahoo acquired Inktomi and based on the algorithm that it gained, Yahoo has swiftly risen through the ranks to hold second place among the popular search engines today. It monitors a humungous network of websites and boasts speedy results, just like Google. The fact that the algorithm of each search engine differs from each other is an aid in optimizing client website and helping it to rank highly on multiple search engines. Yahoo is a search engine that is expected to give Google a run for its money with the right handling and promotional aspects. More about Yahoo


bing logoWhile MSN is an old, established player in the online community portals, its new offering is called Bing.com. This new entrant in the domain of search engines is actually a new avatar of what was earlier known as MSN Live; or was it Windows Live or both? Launched at the beginning of June, Bing is an attempt to provide meaningful links and URL’s to user’s queries. It is not yet proved beyond doubt whether it has been successful in this endeavor, but there is no doubt that Bing is carving out a piece of the search engine business for itself. More about Bing


blekko logoBlekko is a search engine of information you can trust. Providing trustful, serious and relevant information was the main idea behind this search engine. Blekko was founded in 2007 and the program itself, that provides spam free search results was launched in 2010. A main characteristic of Blekko is that it does not rely on link based authority. More about Blekko

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