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SEO Training & Coaching services

in-house SEO Workshops for you and your team

organic seo classes and sessions

One Time Fee: $1000 - 10 hours of in-house SEO training

You are already building websites and just started selling SEO services as well? You need an experienced SEO consultant to train your established web team in order to build SEO friendly websites for your clients.

What Will You Get?

You will personally meet and talk to a consultant for an overall 10 hours. Documentation and guidance will be provided for you and your web development team. Training will focus on the structural behavior of SEO and websites. At the end of the day you will have a team that will understand basic SEO and that can build websites that will start ranking right away. Also you will get all your questions answered within the same session.

What Will We Do For You?

We will research your niche, run reports and build in-depth strategies for your company. We will meet with your web development, programming and SEO team and we will make sure that everyone gets valuable knowledge and training. Basic SEO elements will be addressed and every employee will get a report of strategies they need to start implementing for SEO results.
Remember SEO and optimization is a team effort, it takes more than one specialty to achieve the long term rankings!

Who Should Use this SEO Service?

Small, medium or larger businesses that have an in-house web team and are new to the SEO industry. Already established SEO companies can benefit of this package as well and could get valuable inside tips for a cheap one time fee. Contact our specialist now!

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