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bing logoWhen it comes to search engines most of us use mainly one engine as we became more familiar with it and we know what kind of results to expect. However depending on the type of information we need, certain search engines can be more helpful.For example if a person is interested in buying a product and wishes to compare prices and different features of those products, Bing is probably the best way of doing it.

Who is Bing

Bing is a web search engine formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search. Bing was launched by Microsoft in 2009 during a conference held in San Diego. In order to be successful the new program had to bring an innovating technology, so Bing has been presented not just as a search engine but more like a decision engine. It means that when queries are entered a listing of search suggestions pop-up and also a list of related searches. Bing became quickly popular as just two months after its launching Microsoft announced a deal with Yahoo! in which Bing would power Yahoo! Search. Since then Bing improved its search infrastructure in 2011, offering faster and more relevant results and in 2012 started working on a new feature, which will include relevant information for the searched subject, coming from social networks.

Google vs Bing

Before the launching of Bing Microsoft search engines had a small but steady traffic. However after 2009 due to the new opportunities offered by the program, more users preferred Bing when searching for specific answers. By the beginning of 2011 the market share had increased to 12.8% affecting Yahoo! and Google. Although Google is still the most popular search engine Bing seems to be gaining more users. In 2010 Bing had 29% more searches compared to 2009. Compared to Google Bing offers more detailed information regarding the searched subject. If for example a person is interested in restaurants in a specific area Google will redirect them to the web pages of such locations. Bing on the other hand will offer users additional information:  results will be organized in logical categories, like types of restaurants in this case; users will have access to price comparisons, images and reviews. This information should help users take the best decision and also save time.

Bing vs Yahoo!

On July 2009 Microsoft and Yahoo closed a deal for the next 10 years in which the Yahoo! search engine would be replaced by Bing. Yahoo! will maintain its own interface, but “Powered by Bing™" should appear on the site. In addition Yahoo! will keep 88% of the revenues in the first 5 years and have the right to sell adverts on some Microsoft sites. However despite the deal in February 2011 Bing beat Yahoo! for the first time having a higher search rate.

Why you need to optimize for Bing?

Bing is a search engine in growth. It is recommended for specific types of searches, like instant sport results, financial information about companies, package tracking, dictionary, online translation but also product shopping, health information and flight tracking. Bing can be very useful to users planning a trip, searching for a specific product or needing medical information. The search engine can compare prices of flights, recommend an optimum flight date or offer specialized medical information from hospital websites. The search engine is also recommended for obtaining local information from weather to traffic, movies played in the area, restaurant reviews, city hotels and local businesses. So webmasters who own a local business or work in tourism can really benefit from Bing. The only thing they have to do is to make sure their webpage will appear in Bing listings and potential clients will have access to detailed information about their offer. However, in order to do so they will need the help of a SEO specialist who knows how to optimize websites for this purpose.

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