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Standard SEO Audit

If your online business is not generating the income you are expecting, that might be because you have a low conversion rate, you are not getting enough traffic or you have a low page ranking, resulting in low listing among search results. Because visibility, accessibility and credibility are the key elements of every online business, what you need to fix the problems is a standard SEO audit. A SEO audit is a technical analyze of your website, during which specialists will identify existing problems and offer solutions to them.

What will you get

SEO specialists will work on several aspects of your website, like design issues, keyword research and density, or structural and navigational issues. Design issues are some of the more obvious problems a website can have, something that can make visitors leave the page immediately. For example if a page is too colorful or has too many ads or pop-ups, users can easily consider it has a low credibility and search for other options. The structure of a website is also very important, not just to make things easier for visitors but also because it is considered by search engines as ranking criteria. Using the right keywords to describe your business will make your website easier to find for potential clients. However stuffing the page with keywords can lead search engines to mark it as spam. Besides these obvious problems during a SEO audit other areas of your website will also be analyzed, like niche related problems, or web development internal coding issues. You can also make a request for specific aspects you are interested to fix or you can ask for SEO solutions you can implement right away.

As a result of the analyzing process you will get a written website review report, including some of the following aspects: design review, keyword research, meta analysis and internal coding analysis. You will also get solutions for page optimization, structure and navigation problems or other issues you were requesting answers for. The written report will contain also a link building report, which explains the relationship between the pages you are linking to and the ranking you receive from Google search engine. By comparing your backlinks with some of your top competitors a SEO specialist can identify whether you have any link building program problem. If that is the case, link building should be one of the first issues to take care of.

Who can benefit from a SEO audit

SEO audits are useful for all online businesses, as they will almost certainly increase the traffic of the web page and subsequently the sales. Besides the written report most SEO specialists offer one face to face meeting with their clients, during which webmasters can ask questions to help them better understand the issues that need to be fixed. But the truth is that considering the costs of a SEO audit and the fact that it only offers solutions and advises which still need to be implemented, the service is more recommended for medium sized companies. They can fully benefit from the technical recommendations, and their web development team can actually apply the given solutions. However a general SEO audit for a site can be done in one day, during which major problems can be detected. If you never performed a standard SEO audit, do not hesitate contacting a specialist and avoiding unnecessary traffic and income loss.

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