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Google Places Audit

Google Places is a service launched in September 2009 with the purpose of creating a “webpage for every place in the world and organizing all the relevant information about it”. Today most of the visitors use Google to find local businesses, so the service can be helpful for business owners. They can add their listings to Google, can specify a wide range of information regarding the services, can edit or delete them if necessary. The good thing is that Google Places is a free service however in order to generate more visibility and traffic for web pages it has to be set up properly.

How to get a high ranking in Google Places

In order to get a listing on Google Places webmasters have to complete a few but very important steps. First of all information regarding the company has to be submitted. That will be verified by phone or postcard and subsequently Google will check the web looking for additional information about the business. If everything is properly done, the company’s webpage will appear among Google Places listings.

In order to get a higher ranking web masters should pay attention to several details. The submitted information has to be as complete as possible to build a strong profile. All fields should be completed, even the optional ones. It is important to add an email address, a local phone number, a description of the business but also details like payment methods, opening hours or the possibility of parking in the surrounding area. It is also essential to add accurate pictures, preferably not just one, and even videos. As Google will check this information with different citations, webmasters should make sure the submitted information is consistent across the web.

When describing their business webmasters should also pay attention to the frequency and placement of keywords. Keywords should not be placed in the business name or categories because such procedures can lead to Google penalties. Keyword stuffing generally is a characteristic of spam websites, so it is better to be avoided.

One of the most efficient ways of increasing Google Local Places ranking is by having positive reviews. Customers satisfied with a particular business should be encouraged to express their opinion on the web. A call to action asking for a review can be added to the website but friends and fans can be asked for a review even through social networks, follow ups or reminders.

In case of companies operating in several locations setting up the Google Places profile can be challenging. In order to get the listing approved faster, some details should be considered. For example it is recommended to use the name of the parent company, in case the local businesses operate under different names. On the other hand the contact information for each location should be unique, including address, phone number, email and even website in case it has a different URL. A unique description can also be added for each new location.

A Google Local Places Audit can help!

In case your local listing has been denied, or your company does not benefit from a high ranking, that is likely the result of a defective or incomplete profile. As around 70% of all online activity is related to a specific place, all webmasters should be interested in getting high rankings among local search results. A local places audit can help you identify the problem and SEO specialists can offer explanations and solutions. Contact Hilda Mateiu today for a complete Google Places Audit and benefit fully from the great service Google has to offer.

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