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Privacy Policy

We are committed to the protection of your privacy. To do this, we make an effort to outline our practices relating to collection and use of online information collection in our privacy policy. This policy is linked from our home page and at all places where we may request you to provide personal information. Our privacy policy is easy to find and clearly defines the choices available to you regarding the procedure of information collection and how it is to be used.

This privacy statement is stated explicitly to show how seriously we take your privacy. The practices we follow to gather and use information for this website are as mentioned below:

Information Collection

The information we collect on our website belongs only to us. We access and use the information you give us through email or direct contact for our own analytic purposes and we do not monetize or utilize this information for sale or rent to a third party.

The information so collected is used to reply to your request and make necessary arrangements such as shipping an order that may warrant filling that information in the shipper’s log. No information provided to us is shared with any person at any point in time other than those within our organization.

We may also use the contact information to apprise you of new products, services or newsletter from time to time, as well as inform you about changes in privacy policy, if any. If you specifically instruct us not to contact you for any such purpose, your wish will be respected and not only will we not contact you but your information will not be used for any such intent.

The information that we collect in relation to our website may include any or all of the following:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Credit/Debit Card Information that may be necessary for completing any subscription or online purchase
  6. Any additional info pertinent to projects being managed or serviced by hilda Mateiu or international region offices.

All of such information may be necessary for ordering our products, making requests and registering for any service or material and it is all covered by the privacy policy outlined by us.

Internet Security

The security of the information that you provide us is also ensured by measures that protect your personal information both in an online and offline mode. The information given in confidence to our website is prevented from misuse, loss and alteration through internet security processes such as password protection and other server related security steps that have been implemented for this very purpose.

The procedures implemented by us also include other necessary steps such as physical, electronic, and managerial actions that hamper access to unauthorized personnel, ensure data accuracy and authentication, and ensure appropriate use of the information given to us. In this manner, the information we collect online remains safe in our custody.

We are also committed to the privacy of children.

We acknowledge the seriousness of maintaining the privacy of the very young. To underscore our commitment, we never collect such information from persons we know are under 13 years of age and no section of our website is designed to serve the interests of the under 13 population.


In addition to the measures outlined above, the Opt-Out feature enables you to have a say in the matter by giving the option of refraining from continuing contact with us at any point in time. Contact us on email or on the phone numbers provided on our website to do any of the following whenever you wish to:


Links to other sites are often provided on different pages in our website. These have been placed for interest or related aspects of the topic. However, when leaving our site to any of these, be aware that we have no control over or responsibility for the content on these sites or the nature of privacy policy they adhere to. Any information that you may choose to provide to these links is at your own discretion and may be done only after reading the terms and conditions related to use of information collected by these sites.

How To Contact Us

To get in touch with us, the user must be registered with us; to do this, a registration form has to be filled out. The form requires mandatory information such as name and email address that helps us contact you when necessary. This may be used to provide information to you about a product or service that you may have expressed an interest in. Additional information such as that related to age and gender is purely optional and not a must.

Any other concerns related to our privacy policies may be discussed by calling us at 1 (209) SEO -7322. You can also send our support team an email. We will try to address your issues as soon as possible.

Further, at any time if you feel that our website is failing to follow what it professes or there is something else that bothers you about our website, please feel free to contact us at any of the following other than the addresses or phone numbers provided above:

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